Frequently Asked Questions

Waikalani Woodlands

What is required from me when I move to Waikalani Woodlands?

     Upon moving to Waikalani Woodlands, each resident must register with the Resident Manager's Office by completing a Registration form (or the current equivalent thereof). The completed Registration form will be maintained by the Resident Manager's Office and the information contained therein will remain confidential. Each resident is required to keep the information disclosed on this form current and up to date. Owners and Rental Agents are responsible for ensuring their tenants are informed of this requirement prior to unit occupancy. Owners are responsible to ensure their tenants are provided a copy of these rules and any amendments thereto. Absentee owners who do not reside in their unit must must also complete a Registration form and provide contact information for their local authorized agent. Absentee owners must promptly provide updated Registration forms to the Resident Manager's Office upon any change of contact information for their local authorized agent.

Do I need to register my car if I live at Waikalani Woodlands?

      Yes, you do, and it is part of the registration information you need to provide the office.

In addition, all vehicles parked at Waikalani Woodlands must display a current government issued safety inspection decal. Vehicles parked in violation of this Rule may be cited, and if correction is not made within seven (7) days following issuance of such citation, may be towed at the vehicle owner's expense. Vehicles which are under a protective car-cover must also comply with the conditions set forth in this paragraph.

Residents are not allowed to park in Visitor Stalls in the residents own building (i.e. Residents of A building may use visitor parking in B and C/D garages. Residents from B building may use A and C/D garage visitor parking. Residents from C/D buildings may use visitor parking in A and B garages.) Residents may not use designated visitor parking stalls for daily parking of an additional vehicle. Residents found in violation will be cited and fined in accordance with this section. For additional information regarding this topic, please refer to the House Rules.

What is the pet policy at Waikalani Woodlands?

    Only those pets considered domesticated such as dogs, cats, guinea pigs and birds are permitted. Farm animals and livestock are not allowed on the premises. Caged birds, hamsters, and guinea pigs not exceeding two in number and aquarium fish may also be kept as pets.

No unit may house more than a total of two cats or dogs (i.e. two cats OR two dogs OR one cat and one dog). Each pet may weigh no more than 50 pounds. (note: the restriction set forth in this paragraph are not applicable to anyone who has continuously resided at Waikalani Woodlands since prior to January 1st, 2012.)

    All pets must be registered with the Resident Manager. Dogs are required to be licensed with the City and County of Honolulu. Proof of City and County issued current license must also be provided to the Resident Manager. Owners must also provide written proof of liability insurance with limits of liability of not less than $300,000 per claim for pets (renters and/or owners insurance) as well as a current health certificate and photo for each pet. Owners are required to immediately remove uninsureable or uninsured pets from the property.

    Pets (i.e. both cats and dogs) must be confined to the pet owner's apartment, may not be allowed to roam free, and may not be tied unattended anywhere on the common elements. When anywhere on the common elements, pets shall be controlled on a hand held leash or carried at all times. Ground floor owners must also comply with this paragraph and are not permitted to tie an animal on their lanai if it would permit the animal to travel beyond the lanai onto common elements.

For additional information regarding this topic, please refer to the House Rules.

What if I need to have some large items delivered?

      Moving into or out of and the delivery of large items such as furniture and appliances to an apartment unit in the Project are permitted only between the hours of 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM Monday through Saturday. Moving and delivery of such large items shall not be allowed on Sundays and Federal and State Holidays. "Pods" may not be utilized on the property without the prior written approval of the Resident Manager. Pods will be restricted to loading and unloading from Monday to Friday. Pods may not be utilized on the property on Saturdays and Sundays. Tenants must register with the Waikalani Woodlands' office before moving into a unit.

For additional information regarding this topic, please refer to the House Rules.

Do those visiting me need to register their cars?

      Visitor Parking: Daytime 6:00 am until 12:00 am (midnight): Visitor passes are intended for invitees and short term guests and shall not be used for an owner's/resident's vehicle(s). Invitees and short term guests may park in designated Visitor Parking stalls on a first come, first serve basis. Visitors who park in "Short Term" VISITOR PARKING between the hours of 6:00 am and 12:00 midnight must register their vehicle at the wall desk in the building's lobby display VISITOR PASS ISSUED TO APARTMENT. Vehicles not registered in the lobby or displaying visitor pass, may subject the owner of the unit where the violator is a guest and/or occupant to assessment of fines and/or the vehicle may be towed without warning at the vehicle owner's expense. It is the responsibility of the Visitor and the Apartment resident(s) they are visiting to insure the Visitor's vehicle is properly registered in the lobby.

VISITOR PARKING: OVERNIGHT 12 am (midnight) to 6 am: Although Visitor Parking is specifically reserved for use between the hours between 6:00 am and 12:00 midnight daily, overnight parking can be authorized by calling Security at (808) 623-1500 and obtaining an overnight pass.

For additional information regarding this topic, please refer to the House Rules.

How do I get to use the pool and recreation area?

       The Recreation Area is intended for use by all residents, their families and guests. Use of the area is on a first come first serve basis and, as such no one may reserve the area for his/her private use.

Each person uses the Recreation Center at his/her own risk.

Each apartment has been provided one special key "fob" which provides access to the Recreation Center. The key cannot be duplicated and replacements are available only through the Resident Manager at a cost of $50.00. It is a violation of these Rules to prop the gate to the Recreation Center open at any times unless the Resident Manager or Security expressly authorizes the action.

Recreation Center hours are from 9:00 am until 9:00 pm daily unless changed by direction of the Board of Directors. When the Board uses the Recreation Center for its meetings, signs will be posted. Please check with the Resident Manager for the Board's current Meeting Schedule. Use of the Recreation Center may be limited or restricted during Board meetings. 

The park areas close at 7 pm or dusk, whichever comes first.

What if I want to use the pool and recreation area for a party?

          Gatherings and parties of more than ten persons must complete and return a Party Reservation form and a "Release of Liability" to the Resident Manager's Office with a deposit check in the amount of $200.00. A party reservation is a First-Come-First-Served basis and is for the use of the tables and chairs, it does not reserve the entire recreation center pool area for exclusive use of the reservation holder. The picnic table area in the pool area closest to the recreation center barbeques may be reserved and coned off as long as other residents have access to the pool and the rest of the Recreation Center. The deposit also includes the use of a BBQ grill available upon request.

The deposit is required and, if necessary, will be used to cover the cost of damage and cleaning caused as a result of the gathering/party. If no assessments are required, the deposit shall be refunded within four business days following the gathering/party. If no assessments are required, the deposit shall be refunded within four business days following the gathering/party. If an assessment is required, then the deposit will be retained for up to 14 days to determining the amount of damage incurred to clean and/or repair the facility. After completion of the gathering/party, inspection of the area should be obtained from an Association staff member. This inspection will determine if an assessment is required.

NO PARTY AY EXCEED 30 PERSONS IN SIZE. Waikalani Woodlands does not have facilities or the resources to accommodate parties/gatherings larger than 30 persons.

For additional information regarding this topic, please refer to the House Rules.

If I want to renovate my unit, what do I need to do first?

        Non-material additions to, or alterations made within an apartment or within a limited common element pertinent t, and for the exclusive use of an apartment shall require approval only by the Board, and/or Resident Manager which shall not unreasonably withhold the approval. As a condition of ranting such approval, the Board may require any proposed modifications, alterations and additions be performed in accordance with applicable building and/or fire code requirements and a building permit be obtained as may be required by law. All applicable standards promulgated by the ASC (Architectural Standards Committee) must be followed. Owners may obtain current ASC Standards from the Resident Manager or the office staff. "Non-material additions and alterations" means an addition to or alteration of an apartment that does not jeopardize the soundness of safety or the property, reduce the value thereof, impair any easement, detract from the appearance of the project, interfere with or deprive any non-consenting owner of the use or enjoyment of any part of property, or directly affect any non-consenting owner. The Board shall always have the right to disapprove a proposed addition or alteration that the Board reasonably determines could jeopardize the soundness or safety of the property, impair any easement, or interfere with or deprive any non-consenting owner of the use or enjoyment of any part of the property.

For additional information regarding this topic, please refer to the House Rules.

If I notice the unit above me is leaking, who should I call?

        Call security at 808-623-1500 and they will contact the Resident Manager, who in turn, will contact the leaking unit and will contact the necessary plumbing/excavation company to repair and clean up.